The operations division at Outdoor Hospitality Group are committed to providing the highest level of property management services in the industry.

We offer

  • Human Resources
  • Staff Training
  • Compliance
  • Quality Assurance Assessments

Revenue Management and Maximization

One of the fastest growing services we offer is Revenue Management. Our in-house revenue managers are helping our parks get to revenue numbers they only dreamed about. Daily, we watch comp sets, pickup, ADR and rate. We adjust up or down as needed and you sit back and watch revenue grow. Our team came straight out of the InterContential and Marriott hotel brands, and they know how to work an RV resort like a high end hotel.

Full Service Management

One of the most important services we offer is full service RV Park Management. Our management team starts working for your park the moment the shovel hits the ground. We work on getting your website developed and online, we create both digital and print marketing pieces, attend trade shows, and set up online booking technology all while your park is under construction. We then hire and train your team and arrive on site to get the party started.

Once your park is open to the public, we tend to the day to day tasks such as HR, marketing, promotions, technical support, inventory management, and most of all, the guest experience. We yield rates and perform all accounting services required. We tend to the day to day tasks, allowing you and your partners to focus on your next venture.