Kathleen Walsh

Founder & CEO

Kathleen Walsh has been at the forefront of the Outdoor Hospitality since 2003 when she and Ron teamed up to develop their first joint multi-million dollar beachfront property. They has since developed and managed almost five hundred million dollars in RV Park and Campground investments across the country. Kathleen served as Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operations Officer for a large Hotel/RV development company before branching out on her own. She currently serves as the CEO and Founder of Advanced Outdoor Solutions, a full service management company specifically focused on the Outdoor Hospitality Industry. She is a highly sought-after speaker and thought leader in the industry. Kathleen’s attention to detail and “Outside of the Tent,” thinking creates new and unique opportunities for the entire OHG portfolio.

Ron D. Beard

Founder & CEO

Ron D. Beard has been in business since 1974, providing architectural planning and interior design services for all areas of revenue-producing developments. Over a decade ago, Ron shifted his focus to the RV Park, Campground and Resort industry. He now devotes 100% of his practice to the designing, planning, feasibility and assessment management for RV Resort and Campground clients across America. Ron also brings an understanding of the operations side of the campground business along with the related economic issues.

Robert “Bob” Gillcash

Senior Vice President

Bob holds a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from the University of Connecticut and is a graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University. Bob is a former Air Force Intelligence Officer and served on the faculty of the United States Air Academy. Following his tenure at the Academy he returned to Washington, DC as a professional staff member in the United States Senate. He continued on as Congressional Affairs Officer in the Air Force Reserve before permanently leaving for private industry.

Bob’s passion for the Outdoor Hospitality industry began in the early 1980’s and has continued throughout his career both in and out of government. His most recent experience at the Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management exposed him to public land management regulations which often involved land planning and permitting at the federal, state, and local levels.

As part of that portfolio he also dealt with tribal relations and consultations. He also has experience in National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) policies and procedures and has managed large public forums and town hall meetings dealing with the permitting and approving of multiple land use projects.

For the past several years Bob has led the AOS team in the areas of operations, infrastructure, and feasibility studies. Bob has assisted in the ramp up and launch of several large RV properties including several nationally ranked waterfront properties. Bob is also the lead on property turnaround projects that require on-site management reviews and capital expenditure audits.

Michael J. Hannon

Chief Legal Officer

Michael Hannon founded HANNON LAW GROUP in May of 2006 to expand the range of legal resources available to his clients. He is an experienced trial and appellate attorney, and a former federal prosecutor.

Mike is now actively engaging as legal counsel for OHG and their team. When management meets legal, Mike’s years of experience guides the team through the often confusing issues facing our parks. Federal law, land use issues, code language, and HR matters are just some of the areas where he lends a helping hand.

Kevin Welsh

Director of Revenue Management

Kevin started out his Hospitality Career nearly 10 years ago where he worked internationally for a small B&B right outside of London England.  Since then, he has achieved his degree through Penn State University focusing in Hospitality Management, and has years of experience working for Corporate Sales across multiple brands to include Marriott, Hilton, IHG, Wyndham and Disney.  Showing a strong understanding in Revenue Strategy and out of the box thinking, Kevin shifted into Revenue Management where he is now a Corporate Area Revenue Director representing OHG and our portfolio of clients.

Outside of this, Kevin actively participates in consulting work where he is able to bring the tools and skills he has gained through his years of experience into other Hospitality Sectors such as Outdoor Management and Bed & Breakfast Management; focusing strictly on maximizing revenue gain.

Rachel Godbout

Director of Operations

Rachel is the Director of Operations for Advanced Outdoor Solutions, working with clients to help identify various opportunities in order to maximize growth potential and revenue. She believes that being able to identify specified target markets, gaps in process and new opportunities, as well as utilizing cutting edge technology, is a recipe for success. She has vast experience in both outdoor hospitality and with the indoor Marriott Brand.

Rachel’s passion for the RV Industry can be traced back to Castaway’s RV Resort in Ocean City, MD, where she spent significant time working on Business Development and Marketing alongside Kathleen Walsh. Their partnership created a multi million dollar revenue stream which generated national attention, became the first 10/10/10 rated park in Maryland, and was sold at a substantial profit to a US based REIT.

Rachel holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management Systems from the University of Pittsburgh, and Master’s Degree in Marketing Systems from The Florida Institute of Technology. She is a certified Event Planner, certified in CRM Implementation, and is a recognized community service member.

Daina Behe

Director of Marketing

Daina earned her Master of Science degree in Integrated Marketing and Communications from West Virginia University. She started her focus on Outdoor Hospitality when working as the Director of Marketing and Events for Blue Water Development in Ocean City, MD. This is where she and Kathleen crossed paths and started their collaboration on RV Parks and Campgrounds. When AOS needed the best and the brightest to lead their marketing department, Daina was at the top of the list.

Daina leads the AOS Marketing team members and works directly with our clients to build their websites, optimize their online presence, and make the most of their marketing dollars.

She creates and leads the team that produces their marketing materials, manages their social media sites, and designs all promotional materials for AOS and their portfolio of clients. She is an expert at making digital marketing work for our RV Parks and Campgrounds and gets the most bang for the buck out  of our clients’ promotional budgets.